Anonymous asked: Re: your "rule about naked people" -- How about people who take nude photos of themselves not be stupid and use storage devices that can be hacked, like cloud storage (or take any risks close to that)? Just HOW much personal responsibility does your generation need to shed before you get it through your thick skulls that it only costs $20 for a decent external hard drive these days? :|


"The lock on your diary wasn’t very good, so it’s your fault I read your diary."

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We freed them…but at what cost?

that ball wasn’t there to trap them

it was to protect us

Lol cute!

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Star Trek: Titan - USS TITAN Test Footage


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Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)

Omg this is amazing.

These sauces are amazing. The flashbang is so hot it actually required you to sign a waiver.

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Me and Spencer


You can literally just smell the Reddit on some boys

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That Lapras is rockin out.


If you don’t like it, don’t let horny anons pressure you.

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wilowpape asked: Ur such a trashy white twink u would probably suck a cock as long as the guy looks hot smh u probs already have an std and tbh I hope u die! U need a great beating from ur "daddy" so u can wake up. The world doesn't revolve around u u can hav problems but that doesn't mean that u should whine about it u little pink ass bitch u honestly crave attention don't u? Whatever ur white trash tbh!


Drag me willow

Your followers always entertain me.

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